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The Beginning...

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Yoga is the glue that helped me put it all together. It started on the mat, then soaked into every aspect of my life. Here is a journey of how I came alive when I discoved a yoga life practice.

This is where is all began. I came alive for the first time when I dropped out of my head and into my body. I didn't realize what a beating my sweet little body, mind and spirit had taken, after years of neglect.

As I began to quiet that "Chitta vritti" (mind chatter) that lives inside my mind, I took note of the quiet little voice deep inside. The one that knows the real me, but doesn't stand a chance in this world full of constant distraction.

That little voice is ready to be heard. It all starts from the inside, then comes out, but how can I hear inside if the outside is so distracting.

I found the mat... oh the power of the mat. Silence has been a biggest enemy and on the mat, you can't hide from it. Being alone, in a quiet space, where I must sit with myself is a challenge, but one that I am ready to take.

One day a friend asked me to join him in his yoga practice. I refused his offer for quite sometime until one Saturday morning. I went. I connected. I fell in love.

Now after a year of meeting amazing yogis, that have opened my eyes to new possibilities, my fear of silence has changed. Now I yearn for those moments.

I feel the best me, when I am with my mat.

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