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I AM...

I am... the beginning of a very bold statement. This thought came up because clearly, I like to write.. actually, I LOVE writing. I have been writing since I could hold a pen. I have journals that date back to diaries with locks on them. I've been observing the world around me and putting it on paper since I can remember.

I forgot how to write during my years of antidepressants and anxiety meds. Little did I know, the only med needed to help with depression was, expression. Putting my pen on hold was the worst decision I ever made. There is a hole in my life and a journal unwritten because of that time period.

I rarely introduce myself as a writer. Somewhere I learned the statement "I am" needed to be validated by an accomplishment, a plaque proving it or a degree backing it up. I got my first and only D in high school English. That D for an A/B average student wore heavy on me.

I move too quickly for perfect grammar. My eyes don't pick up words the way I placed them on the page. For a long bit, I lost my creative voice because I got caught up with syntax. I learned over time how to sharpen my eye and when there are glaring grammatical errors in my writing, it's simply because I didn't give that sentence enough attention. Some grammar kills word flow and I'd rather be a little grammatically off and lose a few stingy readers that can't let that go then lose who... I AM.

I am a curious soul who loves to write.

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