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5 practices to help you solve a problem

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Ever have a problem, decision or present issue that makes your head spin. You feel like you're running in a circle pouring energy and effort in and getting no where but drained?

Here are five practices to help you come to your solution while staying grounded and healthy.

1. Pretend the problem isn't yours

Remember all those times you gave awesome advice to a friend or co-worker? Remove yourself from the story of the situation and give yourself your own advice. The big issues getting in the way of this current situation is you and your emotions. If you step back and look at this from an objective lens you can come up with a creative solution that isn't wrapped up in your own emotional state.

2. Draw a picture

This is for all your visual learners. Lay it all our on paper. Give yourself room to see the big picture. Get creative. Use charts, timelines, stick figures to show yourself all the players in this matter at hand.

Drawing is often used for therapy and stress relief. Creating something from nothing can make you feel productive, and since this current issue at hand is slowing down your productivity, this creative doodle has the potential to change up your mental attitude and help you visualize outside the box.

3. Step away from where the problem was created

Literally give yourself space from the epicenter of the problem. Create a new temporary spot to tackle your problem from. This is another technique to separate yourself from the issue at hand. Being too close to something can make it harder to see the clear pathway in front of you. If you are in an office, see if you can set up shop in the conference room or at home, find another room to think this through.

4. Put a pin in it

Some problems or decisions can't be solved/made today or anytime in the near future. The tools and information you current have is not enough to help you come to a solution. Instead of stewing in this as your to-do list grows, put a pin in it. Acknowledge that this is something that needs your attention and when the deadline for the answer is needed. You may be surprise that some problems can sort themselves out without your help.

5. Take a break

Similar to #4, but this one is when you need to turn it all off. You are on overload and need to take a walk, meditate or find the nearest yoga class. If you can't shut it down for the day, give yourself a five minute disconnect.

Scientists have discovered that decision-making power is a depletable resource. Meaning your brain can only make so many healthy decisions in one day! You know that feeling when you are mentally exhausted. Take that break. More often than not, by the time you walk out of your yoga class, your answer will appear.

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