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Teach Peace

Woke up this morning with a heavy heart; sad and angry. It seems each day there is some new crisis going on near or far. I’m not sure how much one individual can let in all that is going on in our world. That in order to take care of yourself, you must tune some of it out.

Is there a balance in understanding the world? Is there a way to make a difference? Where do we begin? How do you know when to step up and when you must step back?

There seems to be much sadness, suffering and pain that needs attention. Is it possible to believe in the individual, to start with oneself? That if I wake up and show the world peace and love, it will ripple. But I don’t always wake up that way. This morning, I was angry. I drove to across town upset, rippled my anger amongst the traffic and added to those around me. I'm so mad because us human seem to be losing a battle against ourselves. That at times we unite and agree but quite often, we disagree and don’t understand.

This isn’t the first time something so very tragic has happened on such a large scale and probably not the last. What do we need to do to "Teach Peace"? Bad things will happen… People will feel shitty, we will lose, suffer… history has proven that this is human nature.

How do we teach that life has its ups and downs? That we lose, that we feel rejected, that we don’t always fit in? Can that be a place to begin? That I won’t always get pat on the back or have support from the outside? That at times life is unfair!

I do believe that there are healthy ways to cope with pain. That instead of taking pain and suffering out on others, we can learn how to manage it. Learn how to accept, to process, to step away and make a change. That rage, anger, suffering, pain… that stuff is REAL. We all experience it on different levels, but we experience it and all know what its like to have those emotions.

How can we unite in being humans? That though our outsides look very different, at some level we can related to the basic human emotions. That inside we share similarities…. I hope for the evolution of humanity we get better at Teaching Peace.

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