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The Heartbeat of Esalen

When roaming the sacred land known as Esalen for the first time, I got quiet. I heard people around me speaking differently than I’d heard in a long time. It felt familiar, yet it felt foreign. People spoke with such awareness and consciousness; my unconscious self awakened and needed to be heard. I didn’t know what the lesson was until I started driving home, leaving Esalen's heartbeat behind. She planted little seeds in my heart that would fuel my inner voice to a place where she could no longer whisper; she had to scream.

Life unfolded after that to what seemed like total destruction. Looking back years later, the most beautiful unfolding and stripping away allowed me to see who I truly am inside. Standing in a different seat, her heartbeat warms me quickly and dearly each time I enter the land. I connect with her to continue to connect with others.

Each time I roam the land, a new lesson arises, one that I didn’t know I needed. Each time I come home, I see the life force I’ve soaked upstart to sing all around me, waking up others and calling them to the heartbeat themselves. This heartbeat doesn’t only live in this beautiful land of Esalen; I believe it’s found in most places of nature and conscious communities. Something about the land of Esalen has such a deep concentration of it and a supportive environment around it that you immediately get a strong dosage.

The moment you invite Esalen in, she will rock your world in the most beautiful and wild way! This land is especially sacred because of its roots; the original beings who blessed this earth with their healing powers, the Esselen Tribe. I am so grateful for the many healers, seekers, teachers, and students who have roamed this land, planting seeds for all who come back to drink her up.

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