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What is my life purpose? Quite a daunting question!

The big question of "what's my life purpose?" has been floating around my inner circle. It's a question I've asked myself often and not a bad one to pose. When I first paused to focus on purpose, I'd gotten complacent with my life and the question needed to be asked.

After years of "soul searching" and trying on new life purposes to see what fits... I still pose the question. Hearing my loved ones struggle with the same topic, I started to land somewhere with a new perspective on purpose.

Similar to the hunger of climbing the ever expanding career ladder to get to the "top", "purpose" can be just as daunting, and outside oneself. Something we want to "figure out", "to achieve" or obtain. I've landed on wanting to live life with subtle purpose.

What if ones "purpose" was in the way you show up and softly influence others. How you leave a little mark on one another's lives.

Most people are looking for connection and to be heard. What if your life's purpose was to listen and connect? When buying groceries or walking down the street; making eye contact and having an honest conversation, is enough?

I see my friends who question their journey, already doing it. When they walk into a room of friends, family, co-workers or acquaintances, they lite it up.

Being open, connecting, showing up, listening and having compassion is powerful and purposeful. Take that pause from the outside noise to check in and do as you need, not as you think you might want.

Being authentically you is enough!

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